The dust keeps coming back after cleaning! We explain how you can easily get rid of it with natural tips.

You make dust and it keeps coming back? It is important to address the cause of the problem and to fix it with simple measures! We explain it to you all our best tips!

Dust: how to permanently remove it from our home?

Dust is an ordeal: once it’s cleaned, it immediately reappears! This can be worrying for those affected Asthma, allergies or breathing problems. Dust also contains dust mites. Know that a Grams of dust can contain up to 10,000. However, it is possible to get rid of this scourge. You just have to adopt habits to make your housework easier. For example dropping Dusters and disposable towels! Opt for instead microfiber and damp cloths. Also, consider ventilating your rooms for just 10 minutes and keeping your closets closed to prevent dust from flying throughout the room. Put your belongings away, vacuum your floor, and change your linens as often as possible to avoid a build-up of dirt. Deep cleaning: Shake out your rugs and blankets outside.

Dust: how to get rid of it with natural products?

Did you know that static electricity attracts dust? It is therefore important to prevent this physical phenomenon from occurring! Use natural products for this! For example, a cloth soaked in lemon juice Prevents dust from sticking to your TV screen. Likewise, the beer prevents it from sticking to the leaves of your plants! Make your own anti-static spray for the other surfaces of your home! To do this, put 50 cl of water in a spray bottle and a teaspoon of it black soap. Add a tablespoon of baking soda. Don’t forget to incorporate 20 drops of citrus essential oil to leave a delicate scent in the room. Mix everything and spray a few drops on the surfaces to be dusted and wipe off with a cloth.

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