8 unusual (but easy!) tips for removing cat and dog hair

Getting rid of cat and dog hair that invites itself everywhere becomes easier thanks to a few tips.

Our pets bring us a lot of joy and happiness every day. They always react when our morale is not looking good and encourage us to stay active. They offer us numerous health benefits, both psychological and moral as well as physical. These are just some of the benefits of living with one or more dogs or cats.

The owner of an animal also brings with it some small inconveniences, especially the hair that nests everywhere. In fact, some people lose a lot more than others. We find the hair on clothes, carpets, rugs, furniture… Removing them is sometimes complicated, but a few tips can make our job a lot easier.

Here are 8…

1. Ironing

Hitting the clothes with an iron makes it much easier to remove the hair stuck there.

2. The roll of adhesive paper

The “Scotch” effectively removes hair from garments, except of course if they are made of wool.

3. The hairbrush

There is a wide range of brushes for picking up dog and cat hair on the market. Those with one or two copper blades are particularly effective.

4. The wet washcloth

A dampened (rather than soaked) washcloth easily catches the hairs that tend to cake on fabrics and in the smallest nooks and crannies.

5. The microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths perfectly absorb cat and dog hair. A single pass is often sufficient.

6. The fabric softener

Cloths used to soften machine washes are just as effective at capturing hair. Simply apply directly to the surfaces to be treated.

7. Old tights

Old tights or stockings will trap as much hair as possible with static electricity. They can be put on a brush or broom.

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8. Balloons

Just like pantyhose, an inflated balloon allows for easy hair removal thanks to static electricity. To do this, simply rub over the surface in question.

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