3 years ! This is the time we have left to keep the planet habitable

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IPCC 3 years livable planet
According to the latest IPCC report, humanity has just 3 years left to invert the greenhouse gas emissions curve and keep a planet livable for all.

The latest IPCC report warns – again! – that without Reduction “fast, radical and mostly immediately” ours CO2 emissions in all areas we will not be able limiting global warming at +1.5°C, or even at +2°C.

Remain 3 years to keep our planet “livable”.. This means that if nothing is done, within 3 years some residents or even whole populations will have to start struggle for access to resources

Lots of promises though little action. This leads us to a catastrophic global warming of +3°C. Many states have but engaged during the Paris Agreement.

Some governments and business leaders say one thing and do the other. simply put, they lie‘ as Antonia Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, stated very frankly.

For now, the current global warming is rated at +1.09 °C. Our greenhouse gas emissions related to human activity, as well as the Combustion of fossil fuels have not gone down. she increaseeven if we notice a slowdown from +2.3% to +1.3% per year.

UN climate experts appreciate that current political conditions lead us to global warming +3.2°C by the end of the century! And all the same +2.8°C if governments respect theirs Commitments at the climate conference the UN COP26 held last year.

Our CO2 emissions are highest since 2010. The report points out that greenhouse gas emissions (Industrial CO2 and from fossil fuels, methane, laughing gas and fluorinated gases). Level never recorded between 2010 and 2019.

That Total carbon emissions were the result of human activities 59 gigatonnes in 2019ie 12% more than 2010 or even 54% more compared to 1990.

In order not to exceed +1.5°C it would be necessary definitely lose weight to use fossil fuels until 2050reduce to 60 to 70% of the use of oil and gas and by favoritism partially or even completely clean sources.

because the scenarios presented and studied by the IPCC show that by limiting temperature rise to +1.5 °C and +2 °Cour emissions would peak by 2025 43% decrease in 2030.

It’s now or never if we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Without immediate and significant emission reductions in all industries it will be impossiblesaid Jim Skea, co-author of the latest IPCC report.

So to reverse the trend we must act immediately “It doesn’t mean we have three more years to act and stuff like thatthen it will be a disaster. This means thatNow is the time to act“, according to the climatologist Christophe Cassou.

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