1 M€ in the bitumen of the RN52

The bitumen machine is restarted on the RN52… After the Côte de Crusnes, a new section of asphalt will be renewed from Thursday April 28th to Friday May 13th. Supervised by the Villers-la-Montagne DIR-Est teams, the Eurovia-Entreprise Jean Lefebvre consortium will tackle a major €1 million project.

The axis must be resumed for 3 km towards Longwy-Metz from the height of Haucourt-Moulaine to the Tiercelet area. More than 24,000 vehicles use this two-lane section every day, including around 16% heavy goods vehicles.

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“road fortification”

Slight difference from the previous operation: here the page will go into depth. “It’s not just about scraping and renewing the wearing course over 6 cm,” warns Benoît Racadot, director of the DIR-Est center in Villers-la-Montagne. “This is the reinforcement of the roadway: core drilling studies have been carried out. They showed that it was necessary to intervene down to the lower classes. »

Workers must dig at least 14 cm below the surface of the earth, up to 22 cm in places. As in Crusnes, the Eurovia-Jean Lefebvre consortium will use a “big screed” capable of laying asphalt over two lanes in a single pass.

traffic obstruction

The implementation of the site by the DIR-Est teams will result in a traffic shift of approximately 4 km, limiting oncoming traffic to 70 km/h. This change is being prepared from this Thursday, April 28, and with effect from Monday, May 2 to Friday, May 6, afternoon. In fact, the tip is removed for the weekend. It is valid again from Monday, May 9th to Friday, May 13th.

At the same time, the exchanger will be closed at the level of the village of Villers-la-Montagne in the direction of Longwy-Metz, entrance as exit. The Tiercelet junction will also be neutralized for security and access reasons. The last days of the operation will be dedicated to the painting of the roadway, which will be entrusted to the Signature company.

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